Turn Your Purpose Into A Movement

This Isn't Just Another Mastermind...

The Purpose & Movement Mastermind is designed for individuals that want to lead from their hearts and reap the rewards of giving.

We seek to nurture an environment in which everyone supports, encourages,

and challenges each other to grow and excel at and/or find their calling.

We are excited to #give, not scared to #ask, or #celebrate our community #wins.

When one member #wins we all WIN. When we pull each other up we all reach the sky.

What Members Are Saying...

The Founders


Justin Schenck is the host of the top rated podcast the Growth Now Movement and founder of Growth Now, LLC which is a full service podcast production and coaching company.

He has been named a Top 8 Podcaster to follow by INC Magazine and chosen as an ‘Icon of Influence’ in the new media space. He now helps individuals unlock their passions and live life fully.


Mark Crandall is a keynote speaker, author of the #1 Best Selling Embrace Your Past Win Your Future, host of the Purpose Chasers ® Podcast , and the Heart Centered Hustler$ Podcast.

In 2015 Mark left his career as a therapist to use his drug-addicted criminal past coupled with a traumatic childhood to help 1000s of people reinvent themselves. Since that time Mark has built multiple 6 figure businesses including 3 coaching practices through organic content and has become a highly sought after business and marketing consultant.

Is This For You?

  • Want to start or build onto an online business
  • Lack Support
  • Want to launch or grow a podcast
  • Here's some stuff
  • Are seeking accountability
  • Are seeking community
  • Want to succeed as a coach

Some of Our Previous Guest Mentors

Do You Still Have Questions?

  • How do I start my membership?
  • It’s super easy to get started in the Purpose & Movement Mastermind with Justin & Mark. All you have to do is click the sign up button and fill out the short survey. Mark & Justin have gifted you a free month in order to provide massive value for you from day one!

  • Where does this Mastermind take place?
  • All calls are done remotely over Zoom! So, as long as you have access to the internet you have unlimited access to all of the Live calls and content in the Mastermind. Although there will be retreats offered in the future, there’s no need to worry about that now as they are Invite Only.

  • What if I haven’t launched my business yet?
  • That’s fine! Mark & Justin are trained and have helped countless people launch successful online businesses. You’re in the right place.

What Makes This Mastermind EPIC?

  • Regular Video Mastermind Calls
  • Live Guest Expert Interviews and Q & A's
  • Accountability Squads (weekly group meetings)
  • Membership Area W/ All Call Recordings
  • Exclusive Course Content
  • Live Mindset and Business Coaching

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